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How a well managed traffic boosts connectivity of a locality

September 27, 2018

There are many developed countries that follow the concept of Downtown, where most of the commercial and office activities are concentrated around a Central Business District or CBD and people commute to CBD from nearby suburbs or satellite cities. These cities are called the Downtown which is mostly connected with the CBDs through Rapid Transit Systems which include Metro and Rapid Bus Transits.

The government of India plans similar setup here back in India as well. It is this reason that the government is developing many super expressways and is expanding the network of Metro Rails to many untouched locations. One such super expressway is being built between Delhi and Meerut which will connect many suburbs around the capital city with its CBD i.e. the Connaught Place. Today, locations like Raj Nagar Extension and Modinagar are just 30 minutes away from Connaught Place and people, who work in and around CP, prefer commuting on a daily basis from Modinagar. In fact, Modainagar has grown up to a level to be called as the Downtown of Delhi.
The city will soon experience may more infrastructural developments. Today, it is the best option available for affordable housing in and around Delhi NCR.