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Let your first home be the best investment

September 27, 2018

It is generally said that buying a house is the biggest investment people make in their lives. It is, therefore, becomes very critical to make that investment one of the best decisions of one’s life. Buying a house involves lifetime investment and thus, should be done with utmost care and thorough detailing.

There are few critical elements which actually decide whether the investment made in buying a house is best or not. The three most important factors are the price of the property, the location of the property and the amenities and features attached to the property. Many people only look for the features and amenities and, in the process, miss out on location and end up paying premium for those facilities. There is no point having worlds’ best facilities in a house which is highly inaccessible and exuberantly priced.

Location is one prime factor that actually decides whether the investment is right or is a waste. And when it comes to location, Modinagar as the satellite city of Delhi, has made its mark successfully. It is best suited for the first time home buyers as the properties here are affordable, offer best of the basic amenities and are easily accessible from Delhi and other adjoining cities. Modinagar is also boasting its position among its peer locations as a modern-day educational hub with several world-class institutions is being developed here. The Delhi – Meerut Super Expressway is another infrastructural development happening in and around Modinagar that sets it apart from the crowd. Clubbed with Rapid Rail Transit System, the connectivity to Modinagar from Delhi is cut short to only 30 minutes.

As a first-time home buyer, one should always look for properties which are affordable, have all the basic amenities and are easily accessible from all the surrounding cities. These factors also help is price appreciation, which again, make the investment one of the best decisions of a life-time.