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Make Your Home Summer Ready – Techman Group

March 28, 2019

Spring the season of revival, brings light and colour to our world after the grey days of winter. Spring also reminds us that the season of heat and humidity is just around the door. The warmest season falls between spring and autumn and continues for a little longer than other seasons. After living a cozy life for a few months, it becomes a little difficult for us to acclimatize to the heat. Hence, it becomes imperative to make ourselves and our home ready for the scorching heat.

From our overall lifestyle to our home décor, to beat the roasting heat we need to alter everything. During summers we tend to spend most of the time inside our home. Here are a few quick DIY tips to redo your home décor to lower down the impact of heat.

Choose light and floral shades for your bedroom: Start with your bedroom. Give it a pastel touch, from bed linens to curtains to wallpapers switch to pastel shades. Pick some skin-affable, summer-friendly fabrics like cotton and linen, this will not only reduce the heat but will also make space look attractive and pleasing to the eyes.

It’s time to declutter: As winter is over, so keep back all the winter essentials. Remove the items which are no more required eg. sweaters, blankets, floor carpets and so on. As messy home makes one feel more suffocation and warm. Make space for the natural air to get in.

Place more plants inside: As you would be spending most of the time inside your home and also during summers plants tend to die down because of the sizzling heat so better place them inside the living room or dining area. This will also give your space a green touch.

Trim your terrace and the garden outside: It’s important to make your surroundings clean and green. During summers trim your plants and don’t forget to water them daily.

Get your cooling units serviced: Since its summer so it’s really important to check all the cooling units- fans or air conditioners. Check whether they are providing enough cooling or not and if not then get them serviced.

Today all the developers are also changing the outer look of the flats according to the seasons. During summers they are focussing more on the green environment. From proper watering to the regular trimming of the plants are some of their daily jobs. Developers like Moti Residency investing heavily on having a green environment from laying walking tracks, following rainwater harvesting practice and landscaping areas. Henceforth, it’s advisable to select or buy those flats which has ample green surroundings and Moti residency is one of them.