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Quality of construction & Track Record of Developer is a must check

September 27, 2018

Planning to buy a house? No matter if you’re buying it for an investment purpose or for your use, it’s always significant to do a background and quality check. A little effort will save you from the future regrets and dissatisfactions that you might face in case you don’t do the proper research before investing your hard earned savings. The two very important factors to start your research are- the builder’s profile and the quality of the project that you are eager to own.

Nobody wants to get associated with an inexperienced or unethical builder. Hence, before finalizing the developer, you should check out their image in the market and inspect their previous projects. Check whether the builder has delivered the previous projects to their clients as per their expectations and within restricted timelines or not and also check whether he’s followed the RERA guidelines or not. Also, beware of too-good-to-be-true offers made by the developers to trap the customers.

Things like quality of the material, style of building, location, accessibility and so on are of utmost importance to homebuyers. Buyers must not overlook the shapes of the buildings that help them sturdy enough to withstand natural calamities in addition to looking the best in appearance.

To do proper research and inquiry, you should visit the websites, read the news, go through the multiple reviews by the industry experts, and every possible report available online. A little field work is also required so that you get to know the first-hand ground reality. Visit not only the under construction site but also the previous projects that’re successfully delivered, this way you can get an idea of the kind of product delivered by the builders.

Apart from all these factors, buyers also need to emphasis on the transparency; the builder should provide their customers with all the information of their previous, current and future projects. Today where day and night we are seeing frauds and scams taking place in the real estate sector, hence it’s very significant to check the track record of developers. However, there are a handful of developers like Techman, who are maintaining optimal transparency and are working with an aim to provide the best to their customers. Buying a house is a crucial decision, and one should look into all the aspects that might go wrong in the future.