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The Five Tattvas of Affordable Housing – Techman Group

January 25, 2019

It takes a lot to create something perfect. Just like life on the planet, which is said to be made of five elements of mighty nature, Fire, Air, Water, Sky and Earth. Similarly, it takes five elements to create a perfect affordable housing. Elements like high living quality, Affordability, Connectivity, Greenery and Proximity.

A home is not just a roof above one’s head, it is a place where the occupants feel protected and are nurtured. It supports both, their professional and personal progress and provides a safe and happy place to live.

Following are the 5 Tattvas that makes an affordable home.

High Living Quality

The word affordable doesn’t mean that buyers have to compromise on the quality of living. They are entitled to a standard way of living, be it the quality of raw materials used, interior decoration, amenities or security. Many builders do not take all these factors seriously when it comes to affordable housing. They should understand that every inch of space matters and that it is their duty to provide the buyers with a good quality living.


Everyone is different and so are their pay scale. What is affordable for one might not be for the other. Hence there should be customised payment plans crafted with a purpose to unburden the customers and make the project affordable in a true sense.


The people who apply for affordable house falls under low or medium income group. These people have jobs and providing an affordable house to them is just not enough. The area where it is located should be well connected to the main city or the corporate hubs so that commute to earn livelihood easily.


Nature and fresh air is everyone’s birth right and providing the residents with ample amount of greenery and natural surroundings is the developer’s responsibility. There should be dedicated green areas in the society including the play areas like park and garden for kids.


Nobody likes to travel 2 hours daily in order to reach their workplace, or for that matter, even parents do not feel safe sending their children very far for school. That is why it is important to be in proximity to the corporate hubs, schools, hospitals, entertainment hubs, malls etc.

Having said that, when we talk about affordability with excellence, there are a few names that come to our mind. Moti Residency 2 is one such project which is lively and boasts the five basic elements of real estate. The five ‘Tatvas’ which make Moti Residency 2 a special residential project in its category are Affordability, Connectivity, Greenery, Proximity and High Living Quality.