Press Note
Date: 19.08.2020

The Moti Residency Society management has requested the administration to conduct an inquiry into the lift accident happened on Thursday, August 13, 2020 by an independent expert agency.

• The society management has held the lift maintenance company, Kone Elevator solely responsible for the tragic incidence happened due to the lift malfunction and has written a letter seeking the clarification on the incidence
• All lifts installed were provided by Kone Elevator and the contract for maintenance of these lifts from January 1, 2020 to December 31, 2020 was also given to Kone Elevator
• Kone Elevator was awarded a separate contract for 24×7 advanced remote monitoring and cloud-connected technology from March 1, 2020 to February 28, 2021 for enhanced safety and maintenance purpose
• In its Maintenance Report dated August 10, 2020, Kone Elevator has confirmed the fitness of the lift

The Moti Residency Society management expressed deep sorrow over the death of the society resident and said that we are with the family in this hour of grief and express our condolences. The loss caused by the accident cannot be recovered but we will take action against the lift company responsible for this negligence.

In its letter issued by the society management to the MD of the Kone Elevator, it has sought clarification as to how the incident happened while their maintenance contract has been with the Kone Elevator since the beginning the lifts were installed in the society. All the maintenance and safety related responsibility of these elevators remains with them only.

Neeraj Mishra, Advocate and Officer Representative said, “We are deeply saddened by the incident in the society and our condolences to the Gaur family. We have given the contract for the annual maintenance of the lifts to the world-renowned German company, Kone Elevator, which is also the manufacturer of these lifts. We have informed about this incident to Kone Elevator and have asked for clarification from them.”

Moti Residency Society management has made another contract for enhanced safety of lifts with Kone Elevator from 1 March 2020 to 28 February 2021, which states that modern equipment will be used to maintain the lifts, then how did this accident happen.

Moti Residency society management has made another contract for enhanced safety of these lifts with Kone Elevator from 1st March 2020, to 28th February 2021, in which the lift company has promised that the modern equipment/technology will be used while maintaining the lifts. Then how did this accident happen? The contract clearly states that the company is launching 24×7 cloud-connected services for the safety of elevators. Under this, the lift company will use advanced remote monitoring and analysis techniques and will detect the fault in the lift beforehand and fix it immediately. Now the society management has asked them how this incident happened when they are using such advanced technology to detect the fault in the lifts in advance.

Society management said that because of the modern technology and excellent track records, it had awarded Kone Elevator to install and maintain the lifts. But the quality of their services is a big question mark in the minds of everyone after this incident and how will they practically ensure that such accidents will never happen in the future.

Moti Residency Society management considers the lift company, Kone Elevator is solely responsible for this incident, therefore, has written a letter to the administration requesting for an independent inquiry to bring out the truth and appropriate action can be taken.