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The benefits of living in a high rise society over builder floors

December 25, 2018

The Indian real estate sector has grown multi-fold over the past decade. Due to the rising personal disposable income of the individuals owning your own dream home is no more a dream. Also, the mounting migration is playing big role cities growing real estate business.

Today, the entire society is segregated into two parts one who prefers to live in societies and another segment who prefers builder floor or independent floors. Don’t get confused between a society and builder floor, a builder floor apartment is a housing unit in a low-rise independent building that has a few other flats. The number of floors is generally two-four. Whereas, societies are relatively big and have multiple floors (number of floors are according to city guidelines).

Undoubtedly, high rise societies have numerous benefits over builder floors. Be it security, power back-up, parking space, recreational zones or water issues they have an edge over builder floors. Now let’s put some light on each category and see how high rise societies are better than independent floors:

Parking: As societies are well planned and constructed they have parking areas dedicated to each flat in the society, whereas in builder floor there is so much chaos when it comes to parking. Here residents park their cars outside which creates lots of hubbub in the area and also contributes to the traffic.

Children playing area: Today in high rise societies one thing that is absolutely taken care of is, children’s recreational zone. They are so aesthetically constructed with all the required facilities. From a dedicated swimming pool for kids to other playing zones, high rise societies have it all. This is highly missing in builder floors. Here children either have to play on the road or any nearby park.

Lift: Yes, we believe in the fact that one must use staircases in spite of lift to be healthy but isn’t this one thing we all look out for when we go for house searching. This is one such factor which influences one’s home buying decision. High rise societies have multiple lifts whereas builder floors have none.

Security: In today’s not so secure world we all seek proper security for our family and loved ones. It is something which can’t be ignored at any cost. At high rise societies, you get 24*7 security and the guards are well trained from the reputed security agencies. On the other hand at builder floors this is something highly neglected, guards are not properly trained. And definitely, you don’t want to put your family’s life at risk!

Power back-up and water supply: This goes without saying that we get 24*7 electricity and water at high rise societies. These societies have proper generators in case of power cut and do supply water throughout the day. While builder floors power is one of the biggest issues. No power, no water!

Other recreational amenities: High rise societies have all the recreational comforts from swimming pool to amphitheatre to gymnasium. While you get nothing of these in builder floors.

Hence, summarising everything we reached a conclusion that apart from a home, builder floors provide nothing. Whereas high rise societies have it all. So if you are looking for a decent high rise society with all the aforesaid properties then head to Modi Nagar. Here builders like Techman with their projects Moti City are providing top-class facilities to its buyers. Now it’s your turn to decide!